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Hello and welcome to PopJunkie

If you love psych, 80s indie, Ye Ye Girls, Quirky Brit Pop, Scott Walker and Genevieve Waite you have found your favourite new music blog.

Feel free to email links, MP3s, releases to shinyashleyatgmaildotcom

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I also write on a fairly regular basis for Shindig Magazine too.

Popjunkie was originally a music vidcast, and the details about the vidcast and the people who put it together are below.

PopJunkie is a music site delivered by a collective of pop obsessives who don’t take themselves too seriously. The site was founded by Ashley Norris, Victoria Shortt and Sean Hannam after a boozy night in Barcelona.

In spite of the infantile nature of some of the posts, we are just about grown up enough to know what we like. So, if you like 60s beat and psych bands, cheesy listening crooners, earnest 80s indie miserabilists, glam French girl singers and Shed Seven – you have just discovered your favourite new site.

As well as loads of features, album reviews, top tens etc we’ll also be doing our fortnightly vidcast which will feature the delightful Victoria basically ripping the piss out of the less than delightful Sean. The old episodes are on the site too. My favourite is the one in which Sean reviews the Duffy album in a Carry On Style.

The original PopJunkie site featured loads of piss-takey reviews of ‘lost classic albums,‘ where we championed The Bay City Rollers over The Ramones and Cliff Richard over Elvis. We have put them on the site too, just don’t take them too seriously.

Anyhow hope you enjoy PopJunkie both the vidcast and the site.

About the Team – ahem, ladies first…

Victoria Shortt

Victoria is obsessed with the sixties, one girl in particular, and seems to be able to drop a reference to the Stones or Led Zep into any conversation. In fact, she does think that God is playing a cruel trick on her, as she should have been a sixties love child.

She can often be found dancing like a member of a 60s girlband across the pubs and clubs in London, or floating like a sixties love child across the festival circuit. Either that or birdwatching in Sydenham. She also writes a music blog which was shortlisted for best new music blog at the 2007 and 2008 BT Digital Music Awards. She is an internet guru and a complete music geek. Also fond of ranting about various causes the best one at the mo is this.

Ashley Norris

Ashley’s life changed forever the day he heard Radio 1’s Golden hour from 1967. For most of the 80s and 90s, he listened to nothing but See Emily Play by Pink Floyd and Paper Sun by Traffic. Now he does enjoy a bit of Belle & Sebastian and The Brian Jonestown Massacre too.

He is an internet guru and all-round nice guy living in yummy mummy Stoke Newington. Apart from Popjunkie, Ashley also does lots of online things with sites like Anorak.co.uk

Sean Hannam

Sean was a late developer who didn’t discover girls until his late twenties. His love life has been constantly hampered by his longtime obsession with Stephen Patrick Morrissey and other similar fey indie bands. He’s a survivor of the Britpop Wars of the mid-to-late ‘90s and emerged relatively unscathed – apart from picking up some cut-price Shed 7 singles in his local second-hand record shop.

When he’s not co-presenting PopJunkie TV, Sean can often be found supping Guinness in various boozers in NW London, rearranging his CD collection (currently over 3,000) and compiling CD collections for women he will never ever get to sleep with.

He also plays keyboards in indie retro rockers, Garage Flowers .

Contributing Writers

Shaun Marin

Music has been a major part of Shaun’s life ever since he nabbed his parent’s Beatles albums and played to death in his room every night after school. Shaun’s biggest musical disappointment apart from the fact he didn’t spend some of the time he spent listening to music learning to make music is that The Jam split when he was only a kid so he never got to see them. He tried to get tickets for Wembley but failed, and his mum wouldn’t let him live out his Quadrophenia fantasy by going to see their last gig in Brighton. While he has since forgiven his mum, he still holds a grudge against Paul Weller.

Laura Scott

Laura was constantly getting in trouble while in school, for trying to listen to music during class, in the halls, during lunch, basically at any possible opportunity?something that has not really changed, as she is rarely found without her MP3 player. She has spent half her life living in England and the other half in Canada, and as she couldn’t make a living off just listening to music she decided to move to back to London to do her masters at Goldsmiths. The last time she was living in Canada, her obsession with all things indie, rock, and punk was fueled while she worked for a campus radio station. She has since come back to London and spends most her time looking for new music and exploring the UK’s music scene.


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