Erik Voeks – So The Wind Won’t Blow It All Away CD review


A decade or so ago Erik Voeks issued Sandbox, a rather impressive beast of a power pop album that is well worth tracking down

Since then Erik has kept a lot lower profile, though in recent years he has been issuing some rather ace digital singles including the ultra catchy She Loved Her Jangle Pop which has found its way onto the Sugarbush Records comp Twelve String High.

Enter Spain’s Hanky Panky Records, who have pulled together a thirteen track collection of Voeks’ recent songs – and very good it is too.

So The Wind Won’t Blow It Away begins in epic style as every power pop album should with GML2C’s meaty guitar riffs and crashing drums. It gives way to the already mentioned She Loved Her Jangle Pop, which to these ears sounds like Matthew Sweet in his prime.

Other highlight include Being In Love With You, which starts quietly enough before turning into a very Beatley melodic tune and Grey Rain Town (a title possibly nicked from The Byrds classic Eight Miles High) which, appropriately enough takes things in a Kinkys/Madness style direction. Then there’s Remember You which is a rather odd slice of psychedelia, kind of like Tomorrow Never Knows with the beats three times as fast and Blue Water – the album’s instant pop classic.

So, it is great to have Erik back. Maybe he shouldn’t leave it quite so long next time.

Buy it here.



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