Papernut Cambridge -Love The Things Your Lover Loves review


Well top marks for packaging. The new album from Papernut Cambridge, which if you include the excellent Nut Cutlets covers collection, is their fourth, arrives in a plastic bag containing two striking white vinyl 10 inchers. So far so retro, but what of the music?

Papernut, essentially ex-Thrashing Doves (a band I loved) and Death In Vegas man Ian Button and his all star Gare du Nord cohorts, have a track record of delivering 60s psych pop and 70s esque glam and power pop stompers, and as the opening track Love The Things Your Lover Loves highlights instantly they have still got it – big time.

For me though it is disc two which encapsulates so much of what is great about the band. Radio is a glam stomper with some stunning harmonies, while Chartreuse shuffles along in manner somewhere in between The Rubettes and The Auteurs (Button’s voice sometimes uncannily sounds like Luke Haines). Best of all is Them, a tad dark for such an upbeat album, that boasts a hypnotic tune and wonderfully unexpected coda.

Other highlights include the anthemic finale, We Are The Nut, the country Byrds inflected I’m Stranded, the early 80s doom pop of Mirology and the gothic twee English psych of St Nicholas Vicarage. Pretty much everything on these discs though are earworms of the finest order. And if you can’t get enough, there’s a very groovy instrumental reimagining of the album on Spotify too.


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