The Orgone Box – The Lorne Park Tapes review

lorenpark tapesIn my book no one took the music of The Beatles and conjured up something as fresh and vibrant the 90s as Rick Corcoran and his Orgone Box pals. Over the space of a couple of years he penned a series of tunes that Noel Gallagher, Jason Falkner and that chap from Cotton Mather would have traded bodies parts to have written.

The tragedy is that the band is still largely a footnote in 90s indie, perhaps because after releasing their legendary debut and its almost as good follow up, Corcoran and his band seemed to vanish.

Fortunately for us Orgone Box die hards, recent years have been kind. In 2014 Sugarbush Records gifted us the Centaur record – essentially the OB debut cleaned up, slowed down and tweaked with.

And now comes The Lorne Park Tapes a record (yep it is vinyl only for now) comprised of demos recorded on a makeshift four track in a Bournemouth flat in the early 90s. Music made in a front room on the south coast realty should not be this good, for in spite of its rough and ready nature the Lorne Park Tapes are fantastic.

Yes sonically there are limitations. Every track has an eerie echoey feel to it, and there’s an edge, and some might say scruffiness to the recordings – but that really only increases their charm.

Some of the tracks have been issued before in more realised versions, but there’s plenty of new delights for us hardcore fans. Favourites, well pretty much every track zips along with gloriously guitar, soaring vocals and harmonies and inspired chord changes. Even the tracks that pay closest homage to the Fabs – In The Right Hands and Hard For Me for could easily be Beatles For Sale out-takes – sound fresh and joyful.

But the two that have long lost pop classic stamped through their middle are Just Like a Woman Should Be, and Last Ride On The Jets both of which featured later on the second OB album Things That Happened Then. The former is a big, brooding ballad helmed by a Macc-esque bass that builds beautifully into a glorious middle eight and then a clever finale where the band go a little Led Zeppelin.

Last Ride is an explosion of pulsating guitar riffs, quirky chord changes and swooping harmonies.

The great thing about the Lorne Park Tapes is that it just works brilliantly as an album. It is utterly addictive. They are going to have to use a digital version soon as I fear the grooves on my vinyl will be worn through overplaying.

Let’s hope Rick returns to his attic to pull out some more gems shortly. There’s a few more to listen to here on this Y/T playlist including Just Like A Woman Should Be.

You can get it here



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