New Soundcarriers album coming in May


I am about half way through a feature about great bands who really need to pull their finger out and get us some new material – step forward Cat’s Eyes and The Shortwave Set! Anyhow very high on that list were the wonderful Soundcarriers whose two albums are a veritable of cocktail of psych, easy listening, gentle funk, Kraut Rock grooves, David Axelrod and weird jazz – that eclectic enough for you?

Yet I am hugely happy to say that I have had to remove them from my rollcall of slackers for after working on an album for what seems like an eternity (their last album Celeste came out in 2010) it is finally going to get a release in May. I am of course being rather uncharitable to the band by insinuating that they might be a little on the slow side at producing new material. After all last year they issued a new single in Boiling Point and a genius album of instrumental versions of songs that are working on for the new record. The Other World Of The Soundcarriers not only had some wonderful driving instrumentals like Entropicalia and This Is Normal, but came in pink splatter vinyl and arguably the best sleeve of last year.

Word is that the new album is excellent and is touch funkier and looser than previous recordings. Hope they manage some gigs too.

Otherworld soundcarriers


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