Mikey Georgeson and The Civilised Scene – Blood and Brambles review


Mikey Georgeson, aka David Devant, Mr Solo and various other nom de plumes, boasts a pretty amazing track record of producing knock out English pop gems that mix early Roxy with music hall and splash of Syd Barrett.

Blood and Brambles, his first album for ages, is yet another reason why he really ought to be number one in some parallel pop universe. A wonderful glorious pot pourri of wonderfully weird pop songs, highlights for me include the gently uplifting vaguely Bacharach influenced Sometimes, and the epic Springsteen-ish, had he come from New Malden not New Jersey, romp of I See What You Did There. The bonkers repetitive psych of Briony is wonderful too and the Hawaiian influenced opener and closer Secrets of Zagra and Curtains of Zagra are as jolly as they sound.  And that’s without even mentioning the single My Herione – embedded below. If you enjoy quirky English pop then this is your album of the year so far.

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