Loads of good new stuff – #1 Balduin’s Glamour Forest EP


So many good new psych records, so little time. So in a bid to catch up here is a selection of stuff that, if you like a bit of wonky 60s influenced guitar pop, is well worth a listen.

And first up on our psychedelic worldwide crusade is Switzerland, home to the fabulously talented instrumentalist and vinyl addict Balduin. After last year’s superb My Love Soon (see below), the guy is back with a four song EP available on download and vinyl which perfectly captures his perky, tuneful baroque pop. If you imagine Jacco Gardner but with slightly stronger melodies and more of a mischievous twinkle in his yet you’ll get Balduin. My favourite of the bunch is Mirror Mirror, which has bubblegum chorus straight out of the Carter/Lewis songbook. But then the cover of Jabberwock is pretty fab too. Highly recommended.



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