The Clientele’s classic Suburban Light album gets a reissue

suburban-lightSome rather wonderful news from across the pond. Merge Records has announced that it is to reissue The Clientele’s 2000 debut singles collection, Suburban Light. The new set, which will be available in 2xCD and 1xLP/1xCD includes covers (The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band’s Tracey Has A Hard Day Sunday), B-sides, and three unreleased tracks.

Pitchfork says the music has been restored from original analogue tapes, and cleaned up to sound “warmer and a bit less like a batch of demos.”

Wow. I have always rated Suburban Light has one of the best albums of the last 20 or so years. The band seemed to have nailed that English autumn afternoon vibe perfectly with their reverby guitars and soft vocals. Also I can’t really think of anyone else how has taken an essentially American musical template – mid period Byrds – and yet made it sound so quintessentially English.

If there was ever a musical dictionary We Could Walk Together would clearly be the choice for the word wistful.

There’s no news of any UK shows or even a hint of a follow up to the superb mini album Minotaur.

Details of the tracks below.

Suburban Light:
01 I Had to Say This
02 Rain
03 Reflections After Jane
04 We Could Walk Together
05 Monday’s Rain
06 Joseph Cornell
07 An Hour Before the Light
08 (I Want You) More Than Ever
09 Saturday
10 Five Day Morning
11 Bicycles
12 As Night Is Falling
13 Lacewings
Bonus Material:
14 Sarah’s Prelude *
15 6am Morningside (7″ previously released in Spain by Elefant Records, February 2000)
16 What Goes Up (7″ previously released in UK by Pointy Records, June 1998)
17 From a Window (Previously released by Merge on U.S. version of Suburban Light, 2001)
18 Driving South (Previously released in U.S. by Merge on Fading Summer EP, 2001)
19 Porcelain (Portastudio version) (7″ previously released in U.S. by Slumberland, 2001)
20 May Has Brought a Change in You *
21 Monday’s Rain (Portastudio version) *
22 Tracey Had a Hard Day Sunday (Previously released in UK by Earworm Records, 2001)
23 Six Foot Drop (7″ Previously released in U.S. by Drive in Records, 2001)
* Previously unreleased


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