Darren Hayman and Emma Kupa in Nancy ‘n Lee-ish duet

Darren Hayman and Emma Kupa have certainly chalked up some great records in their time. Him with Hefner in the 90s and then with a very impressive solo career (I am a massive fan of his Essex trilogy), and her with the excellent but unfortunately named Standard Fare.

The pair have teamed up to produce a rather lovely new single which may yet go on to spawn a whole album of duets. It is of course standard journalistic practice to compare any male/female duet with lyrics about a dysfunctional couple to Nancy and Lee, and I wouldn’t want to deviate from that, but Boy Look At What You Can’t Have Now does also have a sunny late 90s indie feel about it as well as recalling the 60s coolest duo.

Looking at the video I guess this was recorded last summer, so it seems odd that they have taken so long to get it out. Then again Darren has been busy as part of the Gare Du Nord Records wrecking crew which includes the excellent Ralegh Long as well as John Howard, who has a very good new album out.

It comes on lovely red vinyl and is available here for a fiver.



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