The Len Price 3 – Nobody Knows review


The new album from The Len Price 3, Nobody Knows, has a great deal to live up to. The LP3’s last album Pictures not only contained a barrage of killer punky pop tunes but no one who entered my home during the month following its release got away without hearing at least a snatch or two of it.

Well the good news is that the trio may have meddled slightly with the template, but not too much and Nobody Knows is still prime Who/Jam style power pop – with a nod or two to the band’s Medway heritage. If anything this time round the melodies are sweeter and the words more barbed. Take Lonely, a jaunty Hollies-esque tune about a thoroughly nasty person, or Couldn’t Get Much Worse, an utterly depressing lyric wrapped in sugary sweet harmonies and jangly guitars.

Speaking of lyrics, main man Glen Page is a class A storyteller too. My Grandad Jim recounts war time heroics over a vicious garage pop tune while the Weller-influenced Billy Mason relates another wartime tale this time of a family friend who built an aircraft in his house. Put simply no one else on the planet is penning lyrics like these at the moment.

And best of all is the finale – the live favourite London Institute, a genius slice of Who style art pop – complete with a thirty second psychedelic interlude and the strangest dreamlike lyrics – which may well be be the best thing they have ever recorded.

This might not quite match the staggering Pictures album, but it runs it very very close. Let’s hope that the band don’t leave it so long next time.


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