Free downloads from the excellent Ralegh Long

You have to love the Gare Du Nord Records label mates for the way in which they morph into a kind of wrecking crew for the 2010s. The gang, which includes Stow’s finest folky troubadour Darren Hayman and Austrian legendary power popper Rotifer, gig together, play on each other’s records and quite possibly live in an amazing Monkees style house.

And also a big part of the crew is Ralegh Long, whose gorgeous piano based songs first came to my attention late summer last year.

Ralegh’s debut album should be due sometime this year so to keep up to speed with what he is doing sign up for his newsletter here. And if you do he is throwing in a rather splendid live five track EP download that he recorded at a gig with the rest of the Gare Du Nord crew earlier this year. It contains the brilliant No Use and the equally wonderful Ed Harcourt-esque All The Leaves Are Gone.

 photo Ralegh_Long_Live_2.jpg
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