Brian Jonestown Massacre’s new album Revelation preview


The Brian Jonestown Massacre are on something of a roll at the moment. The band’s last album Aufheben was an inspired return to the melodic, yet experimental psych pop of earlier albums like This Is Our Music and from the instrumental opening cut Panic In Babylon to the floating psych of the finale, Blue Order, New Monday it was a hugely enjoyable trip.

Then late last year a few new BJM songs started appearing online including the driving old school rocker Food For Clouds and the stunning French language duet with Asia Argento Le Sacre Du Printemps, whose Serge and Jane style (with a nod to Stravinsky) vibe was to these ears at least the best bit of music released in 2013.

Now if you want a sneak preview of what is coming next, band leader Anton Newcombe has posted a work in progress mix of the new album Revelation on Vimeo. He has done this before, but previous incarnations were/are password protected.

Revelation sounds like a very worthy follow up to Aufheben with the classic BJM sound of the late 90s very much to the fore. That means Stonesy guitar, shuffling beats and dreamy song codas. The opening cut is a great garage punk/kraut rock mash up. After that there are some stunning floaty ballads, mid pace dramatic Stonesy type songs and a load more.

The wonderful previously mentioned Food For Clouds pops up in the middle and is then followed by a folkier piece and a bit of electronica more reminiscent of the band’s Who Killed Sergeant Pepper album. The album finishes with some slightly more poppy moments.

If this work in progress is anything to go by Revelation will be yet another fine album from a band who have never disappointed.

No Le Sacre Du Printemps though I guess because it was featured on Asia Argento’s album. Hope Anton has got time to rectify that one.

I am having trouble embedding it, but go to the link below.

Revelation – brian jonestown massacre (work in progress playlist) from anton newcombe on Vimeo.


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