Happy birthday Keith! And 10 reasons why The Stones are better than The Beatles

Can’t believe that Keith is 70 today. In order to celebrate here are ten reasons why The Stones are the best band on the planet. If you don’t agree then I suggest you go here.

1 They have the coolest member of both bands


Brian Jones or Ringo? There’s no contest there.

2 The Stones had an edgy dark side.


The Beatles would never have released an album called Their Satanic Majesties would they? The Beatles dabbled with the counter culture in the 60s. The Stones were the counter culture

3 The Beatles gave up at the end of the 60s.

3some girls

Lightweights. The Stones made some of their best albums in the 70s and beyond.

4 The Beatles gave up touring. The Stones are the greatest live act the world have ever known


So a few screaming girls stopped The Beatles from touring. Have you seen the violence at the early Stones gigs? Yet they went on to become the best live band ever.

5 The Stones were much better musicians.


Keith is the Human Riff, Charlie Watts is an amazing drummer, Brian Jones could play anything with strings. The Beatles were great songwriters, but only average musicians.

6 The bands that followed The Stones were cool.

6 Pretty Things SB 65_1

In the wake of The Stones we got the dirty punk R&B of The Pretty Things. The Beatles gifted us Gerry and The Pacemakers and Cilla Black!

7 Gimme Shelter has the best intro to a pop song ever.

7 gimmeshelter

Though Paint It Black runs it close

8 The Beatles’ solo stuff is mostly pretty poor.

8 Frog-Chorus-660-80

Ok I’ll give you Imagine and Ram, but there’s also Double Fantasy and this gem. The Stones (oh, apart from Bill) never bothered too much with indulgent solo stuff.

9 Who would you rather go and see today. The Stones or Macca?

9 today

Well if the Olympics is anything to go by the Scouse fella can’t really sing any more.

10 Without The Stones there would be no Brian Jonestown Massacre, the best psych band of the last two decades.


And the world would be a much poorer place

And here are their five most under rated albums

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday Keith! And 10 reasons why The Stones are better than The Beatles

  1. I’ll start by saying the Stones are my second favourite band but…

    1 The Beatles are cooler than Brian Jones

    2 The Stones had an edgy dark side because they were trying to be seen as the anti-Beatles… therefore without the Beatles they wouldn’t even exist. There’s a huge dark side to The Beatles anyway… Bigger Than Jesus, The White Album, Brian Epstein’s death, The break up, Let It Be…

    3. Their Satanic Majesties Request is just a shit copy of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Sgt Peppers’ has influenced the history of music so much more than Their Satanic Majesties Request ever will because it’s a pretty rubbish album.

    3 The Beatles gave up at the end of the 60s because they knew when to call it a day. Unlike the Stones…They’d done more in 7 years for music than any other band or artist in history.

    4 The Beatles giving up touring gave them the opportunity to create music that completely re-invented the process of recording so it was a good thing. They wanted to constantly evolve and they wouldn’t let anything stand in the way of that… their live performances in 1966 were getting in the way of that.

    5 The Stones were great musicians but Mick Jagger doesn’t have anywhere near as good a voice as John or Paul and Charlie Watts’ drumming is nowhere near as distinctive as Ringo’s. Keith was an amazing player but was doing a rehash of the blues whereas George invented that whole melodic lead guitar thing. Also Paul McCartney can play Bass, Guitar, Drums, Piano, Trumpet, Mandolin, Ukulele, Recorder, Harmonica to name but a few…

    6 The Stones followed the Beatles so that’s a pointless statement. Everything followed The Beatles.

    7 Day Tripper, I Feel Fine, Ticket To Ride, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Paperback Writer, I’ve Got A Feeling… the list goes on…

    8 John, Paul & George have done consistently brilliant and overlooked solo works throughout their whole careers.

    9 Paul McCartney’s got a better back-catalogue so I’d rather see him…

    10 Without The Stones there would be no Brian Jonestown Massacre, without The Beatles there would be nothing… including The Stones…

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