Top tips for 2014 #1 Violet Hours


I’ll admit to not knowing too much about Violet Hours, except for that the lead singer Jo Bevan moonlights in a band called Desperate Journalist whose Cristina is a fine tune, but is a little too gothy for my tastes.

Nevertheless Violet Hours have produced two absolute stunners this year which are a little more stepped in classic pop than Bevan’s other band. Earlier they treated us to Berlin, not a version of the Lou Reed evergreen but a quirky piece of classic indie pop not too far removed from say Allo Darlin on a very good day.

Even better is Your Ghost which was posted to Soundcloud last week. Think dramatic 60s piano ballady pop through an 80s filter, with also a nod to long forgotten baroque pop bands like The Montgolfier Brothers and Jack. I can hear a bit of Suede at their most dramatic too. It is really rather special. Here’s hoping that an album follows very shortly.

Any band named after a Clientele album is fine by me.

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