Beaulieu Porch call it a day

Some rather sad news. Wiltshire’s premier psych combo have apparently decided to call it a day. I noticed that Simon Berry, who basically is BP, has been warning people that his records and CDs were selling out and wouldn’t be repackaged and now we know why.

The band have left behind two corking albums which took 67 era psychedelia as a starting point and them jumped into all kids of other areas too. In some ways the band were among the first to pull influences from a host of 80s bands, something that a lot of their rivals have picked up on.

If you haven’t bought/heard the albums both are excellent and well worth a bit of your cash.

As for the future Simon says on his blog

Also coming in the New Year is ASTRABELLA. Not gonna say too much about this. You’ll have to wait. It WILL be worth it…

Well, expect more spectral sounds only this time with a female vocalist.

In the meantime you can still download the BP tracks here.


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