New (!?) Orgone Box album Centaur incoming

Here is a curious one. For me one of the great mysteries of the 90s was how the Orgone Box’s debut album did not become at least as big as Teenage Fanclub’s Bandwagonesque or Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend. In fact there is a pretty strong case for arguing that it is the definitive psych-ish power pop of that, or indeed any decade. If you have never heard it prepare for one long sugar rush of Byrdsie guitars, Hollies-eque harmonies and a vocalist who has clearly been studying Lennon’s 70s recordings very closely.

Well the big news is that Sugarbush Records, is about to put out Centaur, which is a re-recording/re-working of the album by its main man Rick Corcoran. In spite of its brilliance Corcoran has always maintained that it wasn’t mastered to his taste and that some of the songs were speeded up.  So the new album has some re-recorded versions of the album’s genius pop tunes, some that have just been remastered and a brand new song called Wethouse. The label is billing it as the definitive version of the album and it is vinyl only with a limited run of 400 copies.

Well we’ll find out soon enough whether it is superior to that astonishing debut as it comes out on December 1st. I am not sure, but I hope that the vinyl comes with download codes too. You can get it here.

Until then feast your ears on the original version of the classic Judy Over The Rainbow as performed by Corcoran’s earlier band Orange. You can also find a compilation of the band’s recordings on Spotify.


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