Ten albums every man should own


Music industry type Dave Berry has caused a bit of kerfuffle today by compiling a list of ten albums that every man should own.

Let’s just say it is a bit of a conservative list. I think that David Cameron’s would be racier. Sure Beatles, Oasis and Portishead are great, but saying you like the Fabs is a bit like saying you like breathing!? No?

So Dave – here is an alternative list of ten albums that every man should own. You maybe should have picked these.

The Sound Gallery – This is tough to track down but is the ultimate bachelor pad album. It is a mixture of TV theme tunes and film soundtracks from the 60s and 70s alongside a few bonkers covers played by sessions musicians who had clearly been at the cider during the lunch break.

Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg – Ok so it does boast Je T’aime, but there’s also lots of fantastic groovy sixties pop tunes on there too. Also ticks the World Music box for people who avoided the Andy Kershaw show – not that that is a good thing!

Foxygen – We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic – Just to show that you do listen to music made by those under 25. It is also fantastic – like the best ever Stars In Their Eyes programme.

Scott Walker – Scott – Because Mathilde is like punk easy listening. The fella is a genius

World of David Bowie – As it shows that when it comes to the Duke you are a completist and not so no mark with just Let’s Dance and Ziggy. In spite of its reputation it is actually rather good.

Joni Mitchell – Blue – Personally can’t stand it. More of a Judy Collins man myself. But it  screams to any intelligent passing young woman that you have a sensitive side.

Dave Berry’s Greatest Hits – This is perfect for ever man who is called Dave Berry! Two reasons One It is by your namesake Dave! And two it is cracking. Berry had lots of great hits in the 6os like the ace Kinks cover This Strange Effect and the corking R and B stomper Don’t Gimme No Lip Child – which was mercilessly trashed by the Sex Pistols a decade later.

Billy Bragg – Talking With The Taxman – It contains Levi’s Stubbs’ Tears – possibly the best record of the 1980s.

Pink Floyd – Piper At The Gates of Dawn – Life doesn’t get any better than Interstellar Overdrive on full blast through your headphones with a jostick or two for company. Oh, and you need to be 14.

The Len Price 3 – Nobody Knows – Two reasons. One it will be amazing (it isn’t out yet), Two it has a song about a guy who built an aircraft in his house in WW2 so he could go and chase the Luftwaffe! Details here.

What are yours then?

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