Robyn Hitchcock 60th Birthday gig bingo

hitchcock-robynTonight Robyn Hitchcock is celebrating his 60th birthday by playing a track each from his many many albums. But which ones is he going to play?

Here is my best guess – with the tracks I’d most like to hear in brackets afterwards

In reverse chronological order then

Dismal City (would prefer Savannah, but he played DC on the BBC the other day)
Ordinary Millionaire (esp if Johnny Marr is around)
Saturday Groovers (for comedy value – though it might be Goodnight Oslo, which would be a much better choice)
Briggs (but NY Doll is the best song on Tarantula)
Full Moon In My Soul
Mr Kennedy
One L (for Mrs H)
I Feel Beautiful (though Jewels for Sophia would be better)
Alright, Yeah
Arms of Love (though he might do The Wreck Of The Arthur Lee)
So You Think You’re in Love
Raining Twilight Coast (though Glass Hotel would be a terrible absentee)
Wax Doll
Balloon Man (but Flesh Number One would be my choice)
My Wife & My Dead Wife (though Heaven is an obvious shout)
Trams of Old London (or Trains, close call)
Brenda’s Iron Sledge
Queen of Eyes (but we will probably get I Wanna Destroy You)
Sandra’s Having Her Brain Out

Hope there is also room for Listening to the Higsons, Birdshead, Only The Stones Remain, 1974, The Beauty of Earl’s Court and Statue With A Walkman

There are some more clues here I guess

But this would be more fun


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