New Shadow Kabinet single – Angelville

shadowkabinet-anglevilleAfter a rather lengthy lay off Camden’s finest The Shadow Kabinet are back with a new single and an album to follow next year.

Angelville is available here via Go Mojo and is a solid reminder of why the band are among the best British psych pop bands. Only on Angelville they seem to have shifted forward a decade or so from the Sgt Pepper-isms of the band’s last album Smiling Worlds Apart.

Angelville boasts a twangy guitar sound and atmospheric instrumentation that is reminscent of cult 80s singer Chirs Isaak, yet clearly is the same band that produced the classic There Must Have Been A Moment from SWA. Like a lot of the band’s songs it is catchy to the point that it sticks in your head for days

The B side is also a corker, and might just be my favourite Shadow Kabinet song ever. Recorded nearly a decade ago It’s Alright is a soft string laden ballad with an uplifting message that in some parallel universe is Christmas number one.

According to the band’s main man Steve Somerset the band’s excellent new album Nostalgia For The Future will follow in the new year.


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