Various bits of Psych news – Beaulieu Porch and Temples singles, Jacco Gardner and Shadow Kabinet albums

It has been a very busy week. Tonight I am off to see Rodriguez at the Roundhouse (which is sure to be amazing) and I have a new Martin Newell/Cleaners from Venus album to listen to tomorrow.

Yesterday was all about a pair of great new singles from Temples and Beaulieu Porch.

Temples are from Northamptonshire (see also Bronco Bullfrog and The Sunchymes) and have been signed to Heavenly Records (who also boast the wonderful Stealing Sheep, Toy and James Levy and The Blood Red Rose). Listen to both sides of their tunes to make your judgement. But I reckon they have been cocking an ear to recent Jacco Gardner releases (more on him later) as well as some prime sixties Brit psych. Of the pair I actually prefer the second track, the less poppy Prisms which brilliantly nails dreamy psych yet underscores the wonderfully wonky melody with some great Brill Building girl group drums.

The ultra prolific, but ever reliable Beaulieu Porch is back with a pair of tracks available for whatever you fancy donating via Bandcamp. …Of Particles is an acousticy strum that after a minute or so gets very weird. I personally prefer The Lilian Rose which has a Nick Nicely Hilly Fields vibe and sounds like it was a contender for the band’s wonderful debut album.

One of my favourite tracks this year is Jacco Gardner’s baroque psych colossus Clear The Air. The Dutch fella has just announced that his debut album will arrive on February 11 2013. It is called Cabinet of Curiosities, is available via Trouble In Mind Records and if he can keep up the standard of his two singles it will be an absolute corker.

Also imminent-ish is Nostalgia For The Future from Camden’s finest psychsters The Shadow Kabinet. After nailing Beatley late 60s pop on his second album Smiling World’s Apart, the band’s mainman Steve Somerset seems to be heading into the 70s with the new album with songs that reminded me of Peter Frampton and Robert Wyatt. If anything it is a tad more like the Shad’s very fine debut Hark. The title track is very classy indeed.

Here’s that amazing last album


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