Incoming albums alert – Colorama, The Sunchymes, Len Price 3. Plus whatever happened to The Clientele?

There have been some really wonderful albums releases so far this year, but for me anyhow, they seem like the entrees compared with what is round the corner.

The Soundcarriers have been working on an album for a while now – and given their radio silence on Facebook and Twitter I guess new dates and a new recording are going to be announced soon.

Meanwhile over in the Medway the UK’s best garage punk noiseniks The Len Price 3, have been recording album number four. They have premiered a few new songs on live dates this year, and to these ears those tunes are up there with the best of the band – instant classics.

Hopefully soon the Magic Theatre will drop their long awaited follow up to the baroque masterpiece London Town of a few years back. Also the whisper is that Steve Somerset aka The Shadow Kabinet, has not one but two albums in the can. If they are are anywhere near as good as his sprawling psych pop opus, Smiling Worlds Apart – they will be essential.

Destined to arrive first though is the new album Good Music, from Welsh psychsters Colorama. Box, from a couple of years back was wonderfully jaunty Brit psych, while Llyfr Lliwio from 2011 a more pastoral stroll through acid drenched folk. Judging by the lead track of Good Music, Delaware, things have got a lot more noisy and psychedelic. I really love that full-on freak out finale. Good Music is out on August 20th.

Also on its way is album number two from The Sunchymes. Aaron Hemington’s vision of west coast pop mixed with quirky English psych appears to as sharp as ever on songs like Seargent Walker, while this has future power pop classic all over it. No news on a release date, but the album does have a title – Let your free flag fly.


Finally, it is now over a year since The Clientele posted on their blog that they were taking a short break. I’d like to think that was because a new album was in the pipeline – let’s hope so.


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