The UK’s coolest band @Soundcarriers second album Celeste due at start of August


One of the highlights of last year was the debut album from The Soundcarriers, Harmonium. It was like all the cool bits of your record collection (West Coast Pop Art/John Barry/Stereolab) mixed into one. It was my second favourite album of 2009 pipped only by The Clientele

I actually saw the band a couple of years back at the Dublin Castle in Camden. I had heard they had been compared to the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band and that was enough to draw me in. I was blown away too- they really are a great live band.

Anyhow album two, Celeste, is due at the start of August and is apparently even more laid back and jazzy than its predecessor. In the mean time there’s a really cool track called Morning Haze from the album which is on their MySpace page There’s another more uptempt track caled Last Broadcast here

There’s four different ways of buying the album too including 10 quid for the CD which also gets you an instant download of the album – wish more bands would do this.

Loving their Stamp out The Soundcarriers t shirts too and great to see the John Smedley connection too

Is this the UK’s coolest band? Probably.


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