Southwold pier up for sale – can anyone lend me £6 million?


I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Southwold. On the down side it is Tory-on-sea full of posh people chomping on organic meat and driving annoying but expensive cars. This makes me want to drive through the place with Billy Bragg on full volume. Also Southwold, like all the posh bits of Suffolk, has a rubbish beach.

But when my inner class warrior has the day off I love its Orwell connections (he grew up here), the wonderful heathland between Southwold and Walberswick (we saw an Adder there once) and some amazing 20th century houses.

Best of all tho is the pier, which was in a bit of a state for a while, but was done up a few years back and now is a delighful mix of quirkly amusements – check this guys stuff out – lovely cafes and rather odd wooden buildings. There’s also an Art-Deco-esque front which is really rather delightful.

So, I am a little surprised to find out that the pier is up for sale


A pier built at a seaside resort in Suffolk in 1900 and refurbished 100 years later has been put up for sale for £6m.

Southwold Pier is to be sold with planning permission for a five-storey, 30-bedroom hotel.

The pier, which includes several restaurants, was extended to 623ft (190m) when it was rebuilt in 1999.

It all sounds great and I hope that they don’t make a mess of the Art Deco front. Besides six million quid is a steal. Lowestof pier, which has a lot less going for it, was up for sale at £11 million a few years ago. Not surprisingly there were no takers and now the current owners have unleashed their secret weapon – the end of the pier roller disco (part of the twon never got over 1982).

So if anyone can lend me £6 million they’d get a revamped pier with the Orwell Art deco hotel (and museum) with a Room 101, loads more quirky English amusements and Billy Bragg permanently on the Tannoy.

There’s lots of pics of the pier and over East Coast POIs here


2 thoughts on “Southwold pier up for sale – can anyone lend me £6 million?

  1. Hi Ashley, Great to hear you love Southwold Pier, so do we. With more people staying at home for their holidays and the Suffolk coast so popular the new hotel should be a huge success. Lets hope a new owner comes forward soon. You can see a visual of our approved design for the replacement pavilion hotel here:

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