A day out with Innocent Drinks


I have always been a big fan of Innocent smoothies. You have to admire them for the way they worked to get smoothies into supermarkets, saw off the opposition (anyone remember PJs smoothies?) and then branched out into other cool, healthy stuff, like their veggie meal range.

So it was fascinating to go behind the scenes at Innocent Towers for a mummy (and daddy) blogger event the other week. My three year old Astrid loved it. She made her very own smoothie, got her face painted with Strawberries and got on very well with the company’s pet chicken – check out the pics on the Innocent blog http://innocentdrinks.typepad.com/innocent_drinks/2010/05/the-kids-are-alrigh…

I also liked the way that the company seems keen to engage with its consumers. It has one of the best corporate blogs in the UK and also seems very responsive to its customer’s requests. For example I asked why it ws that the company had put fish paste in its otherwise vegetarian Thai curry to be told that due to moaning veggies like myself it had now removed it from the list of ingredients.

The morning event, which I shared with around 30 or so other parent bloggers, was really great fun and here’s hoping that Innocent repeat it soon and give more bloggers the chance to see how they work.


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