Guardian’s Alan Rusbridger on iPad apps – he is not sure if The Guar really needs one


Just finished listening to the Radio Four debate on the future of the media, which was fascinating. One interesting snippet that hasn’t yet been widely reported is what Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger thinks of the iPad.

I can’t give a direct quote but he basically said that he loved the device and thought that The Guardian looked great on it. In an alomost off the cuff comment he then added that he thought the browser version of The Guardian looked so good and worked so well that it had made the company think twice about iPad apps.

I think he is bang on with this. For all the talk of iPad editions, page flicking technology and associated business models the fact remains that the browsing experince on the iPad is so good and so natural to anyone who spends any time online that other ways of accessing content just seem outdated.

I think now that any publisher wanting to produce an iPad app needs to think about what extra functionality they can deliver on top of their content. If they don’t then people just won’t pay money for straight content delivered in a way that now seems outdated.


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