St George’s Cross iPhone case

Obviously perfect for this event

As England celebrates St George’s Day and gears up for this summer’s hotly anticipated World Cup, Griffin Technology believes it’s time to spread a little patriotic cheer with a limited edition St George’s cross Outfit for iPhone.

Footie fans can now dress their iPhones as well as themselves in the English flag, and fashionistas won’t want to be seen without this stylish iPhone and iPod case which features a striking yet subtle St George’s Cross – a symbol of England’s dragon slaying hero and patron saint.

 Griffin’s new case with St. George’s cross is based on its classic Outfit range. The slim case surrounds your iPhone in a polycarbonate shell to protect it against dirt and dents. And Griffin’s EasyDock™ feature allows the user to slide the bottom of the case on and off for quick, easy docking.


Griffin Technology’s Outfit for iPhone, St. George's Cross is available from HMV priced £19.99



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