Alternative St George’s day Shindig stars- Iain Aitch


Noel Coward is otherwise engaged and B.S Johnson is apparently too miserable to show, but we have one more great person to add to the list of the Alternative St George’s Day Shindig and that is author and walking Englishipedia Iain Aitch.

Iain, who has written two superb books about being English (ok so one of them is more about Britain, but he’s from Kent so we’ll overlook that) will kick the night off with a word or two from his books and award winning articles.

Anyhow, here’s what he says about himself- there’s more here too

I was born in Margate, Kent to the sound of a ropey tape recording of the Bow Bells – as all good Margatonians are. I was christened on the Scenic Railway and later renounced my faith in the River Caves. I didn’t like school, they didn’t like me and I got out of town as soon as I could. And no, I never slept with Tracey Emin.

Somehow, the people at the dole office tricked me into working there. It took me some years to realise that, despite my vastly improved blackjack skills, the job wasn’t for me. I invented World Phone in Sick Day, became a writer and began organising an annual rampage by hundreds of Santa Clauses.

2003 saw the publication of my first book, A Fête Worse Than Death. My second book, We’re British, Innit, was published by Collins in 2008.

Readers of the Guardian have selected articles by me as their favourite of the year on three occasions. I write for them, the Daily Telegraph, Times, Express, Coast and a host of other publications. I am a regular guest on TV shows such as BBC Breakfast and Sky News, where I talk about Britain, Britishness, identity and pop culture. I also pop up as an expert on Britishness and Englishness on radio.

I also write the odd exhibition catalogue essay for artists as well as thank you notes to my nan for birthday presents.

And here’s the info about the night

Three great bands

The Shadow Kabinet –

Marcel –

Sixty Second Silence

By George you’re English and you know how to party. Only you don’t tend to do it on your national day. Time to change all that and grab St George’s day back for the people. So forget that dragon slaying fella and let’s celebrate the Georges who made England great – Harrison, Formby, Orwell, Boy, Michael, George from the Famous Five and Osborn (just kidding).

So on Friday April 23rd come on down to the Alternative St George’s Day shindig at The Royal George- 133 Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0EA.

We have…

Three bands playing their own tunes and English pop classics
DJs spinning English music all night – Beatles, Blur, Stone Roses, Smiths, Libertines, Kinks
English cheese raffle, English beers, English wine, Bunting, Shove ha’penny and more. We might even get Chatroulette going

It’ll probably rain on the way home too

There will also be a Canadian take-over half way through the night to celebrate one of that country’s most eminent citizens.

It’ll be your last chance to party before you get a Tory government too so make the most of it.

Tickets will be very cheap, but there won’t be many of them. So join the guest list asap and we’ll tell you how to book yours very soon.

NB non English persons very welcome. We are after all very good at crashing your big days so please come to ours.

Venue and date


Friday, 23 April 2010

19:30 – 23:30

The Royal George- 133 Charing Cross Road, London, England, WC2H 0EA


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