Scientists find going bald really screws you up


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19.03.10 The Bald Facts: The Psychological Aspects of Hair Loss

A survey commissioned by Hair Restoration Group DHI Global Medical found that 41% of those suffering from hair loss, felt “psychologically disturbed”. Nearly half of those interviewed felt a full head of hair was important for aesthetic reasons, with 11% stating that hair plays a role in attracting the opposite sex. A third of hair loss sufferers even said they would give up sex if it meant they would get their hair back! The majority of those interviewed felt that hair restoration would improve their quality of life and be a good investment in their personal life and career!

Results also showed that an amazing 64% of their patients experienced hair loss before their 25th birthday, with 6% having hair loss problems between 16-20 years old proving that it’s not just men in the 40s who suffer from baldness! However, 60% of men do have a chance of losing their hair, but nearly 50% of women will also be affected by permanent hair loss, while only 20% of women will completely escape hair loss or thinning during their lifetime.

Hair Loss Facts – Did You Know?

Did you know that hair is the fastest growing tissue in the human body? The average person has approximately 100,000 scalp hairs and inside each follicle grows one to four hairs! On average we lose 100 to 150 hairs daily and new hair continues to grow as long as the follicles remain healthy and intact. Hair will grow at a rate of about half an inch – 9 millimetres – every month and the maximum length hair can grow to is about 25 inches, about 0.7 metres.

So, what causes hair loss?

* Scalp bacteria
* Stress
* Poor nutrition
* Genetic baldness (men and women)
* Hormonal imbalance

DHI Global Medical Group Founder, Mr K.P. Giotis has been exclusively engaged in the field of hair restoration since 1970 and is a pioneer in the treatment of hair loss. In 2002 DHI Medical Group was one of the major innovators in Follicular Unit Extraction. After years of refinement, DHI replaced FUE in 2004 with the DHI No Touch Technique™, a pioneering treatment for hair loss with no pain, no stress, no scars and no scalpels.

Quote from Mr K.P. Giotis:

“Hair loss can cause a huge amount of psychological distress for men and women across the UK. It can affect an individual’s social and professional confidence which can have a direct result on their quality of life. This need not be the case when effective hair restoration techniques are readily available. ”

Mr Giotis is a member of the American Society of Cosmetic Surgery, the founder of The International Hair Society (IHS) and has spoken at numerous medical and non-medical Forums. Mr Giotis has published papers in The Hair Transplant Forum and other respected medical journals and holds several patents on its hair implanter and method by leading an international team in the Research and Development field of ‘hair multiplication’ and ‘body hair transplantation’.

Mr K.P. Giotis or one of the team at DHI Global Medical Group will be available for interview to discuss the psychological aspects of hair loss.


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