Five ever so slightly embrassing but rather cool things about being a dad – #dadtime


1 There’s quite a good chance at some point in your life that you’ll
get to play Father Christmas – which is an utterly incredible
experience. My three year old now thinks that I am Santa.

2 You get to inflict a lifetime’s worth of musical/sporting/political
prejudices on innocent minds. Seven year old’s favourite music is JLS,
but also Nancy Sinatra, The Shangri-las and Brian Jonestown Massacre.
Three year old constantly refers to dog poo as Tottenham.

3 You get to think young again – Model villages, steam train rides,
slides in swimming pools suddenly become perfectly acceptable again

4 You can pinch your child’s scooter – A highlight of my week is when
I pick up my three year old from nursery each Wednesday. She always
wants to race daddy home on her scooter – what kind of father would
say no?

5 You are someone’s hero – They will wise up in time, but for a few
years you get to be Superman, Einstein and Cesc Fabregas all rolled
into one


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