Boris Johnson wants to headbutt Ed Balls for…


Well what do you think the Mayor of London (I feel hideous as I type those words) feels most passionate about?

Ending child poverty?
Ensuring quality healthcare?
Helping people avoid repossessions?

Nope – it is teaching Latin in schools.

He wrote in his Telegraph column (which he gets £150k a year for)

“There are times when a minister says something so maddening, so death-defyingly stupid, that I am glad not to be in the same room in case I should reach out, grab his tie, and end what is left of my political career with one almighty head-butt,” said the mayor, renowned as a passionate classicist. “Such were my feelings on reading Mr Ed Balls on the subject of teaching Latin in schools.”

All Balls (disclosure here – he is a fellow Stoke Newington resident) said was that very few parents were asking for Latin in schools.

Over the past ten years we have seen two essentially failing Comprehensive schools in Stoke Newington turn into places that are now so popular that middle class parents from Hackney (and also Islington too) are very keen to get their kids into.

Kids from all backgrounds are doing well and many are becoming the first in their families to get into University.

I might be wrong but I don’t think that transformation has been achieved by instilling kids with a spot of credo quia absurdum est

As Emily Thornberry put it this morning

“Perhaps if Boris Johnson cared as much the pressing needs of London as he does about Latin there would be lower bus fares, no cuts to police numbers, no cuts to tube ticket office staff and a much smaller list of broken manifesto commitments.”

But no – it is all about preserving a language which hasn’t been taught in many state schools for decades.

This is clearly the mad ramblings of an out of touch politician who knows little of the issues that people have to deal with in the real world. And in spite of that makeover you can bet your Bullingdon Club membership card that there are a load more of similarly minded twerps in that party too..

Spare us.

More here…

Btw £150k would prob keep at least three more Telegraph journos in jobs or enable the paper to start another ten or so blogs.

Just a thought

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