BBC exec talks more rubbish about 6 Music, also Radcliffe/Maconie get cut


Has the BBC got it in for 30-50 something serious music fans?

Firstly another BBC exec Caroline Thompson bleats on about how the demographic of 6 Music’s listeners competes with commercial radio.

Here’s what The Guar had to day

Thomson told an audience of media executives in London that the digital radio station, which is now the subject of a high-profile public campaign to save it, competed directly with commercial radio.

“The average age of its listeners – 37 – is at the heart of the demographic targeted by commercial radio”, she told delegates at a Westminster Media Forum event.

There were also questions, she said, about whether the BBC should run three popular music stations – Radio 1, Radio 2 and 6 Music.

Well no shit Sherlock. I am sure many radio stations want intelligent, ABC1 37 year old listeners. However what makes BBC 6 listeners a bit special is that I think a lot of them wouldn’t actually listen to another music station, certainly not in the day time. So I can’t really see that the closure of 6 Music would benefit the commercial sector. I would have thought that they would migrate to speech stations like, oooh the irony, BBC 4 and 5 not Absolute and XFM.

Also the show that is like a little outpost of BBC 6 on Radio 2 is being chopped (a bit). Radcliffe and Maconie are going down to three days a week. This is utter madness. Not only is it a superb award winning show, it comes Manchester (aren’t the beeb sposed to be big on the regions) and features two presenters who I guess earn a fraction of some of their contemporaries.

All this banging on about radio and how the BBC has the interests of the commercial sector at its heart is for a me a smoke screen that prevents people peering too deeply into the impact the BBC’s news website has on commericial media companies. Still I guess Rupert and James have a plan there.

3 thoughts on “BBC exec talks more rubbish about 6 Music, also Radcliffe/Maconie get cut

  1. Find myself agreeing with BBC exec on this one. Though I suspect that the average age of the 6 Music listener is actually a little older. Seems like perfect market for commercial sector anyhow – the radio station that XFM could have been had it stayed independent. And I don’t understand point about not listening to radio station during the day if it was commercial; would ads offend the daytime ears of ABC1 listeners? To me the BBC should be about providing services in sectors that aren’t commercially justifiable which is why I would have gone further and axed Radio 1 and Radio 2 too because I can’t see what they offer that merits licence fee money. Authors like Nick Hornby, Tony Parsons etc. have been doing very well out of serving the same kind of demographic that 6 Music hits with their novels. I don’t think they’ve been round my house with a begging bowl recently. Maybe you should set up your own 6 Music style radio station. It could do very well commercially. You could even get the same guys in though they might have to take a pay cut.

  2. XFM coverage is patchy as outside London and, apart from Geoff Lloyd (and, when I remember, Frank Skinner and Dave Gorman), having to listen to Virgin Radio is like having to travel on Virgin Trains. Enough said. I took her to mean ILR and crap like Heart – it’s not the ads I object to, I’m never going to switch to radio that’s aimed at the kind of people who used to go on Family Fortunes.

  3. shinychris, the reason BBC6 or indeed Radcliffe & Maconie listeners wouldn’t listen to commercial radio is not because of the adverts it’s because they are all rubbish and don’t play the same sort of music as BBC6 and R&M. In fact I imagine no commercial radio station would choose to play the music played by bbc6 or R&M because it’s so divers and often leftfield. They just simply would not take the risk. That’s why commercial radio (and I’m including XFM which consists of painfully trendy wanabees churning out the current trendy scene) can’t and won’t deliver a service anywhere near close to BBC6 or R&M. Sadly demographics and idiot executive who are overpaid and overpromoted just wont get that.Nor it would seem would you.

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