Why I think one day soon you might get an iPad for free


Fancy a free iPad?

Well here’s how you might one day get one

1 They aren’t that expensive to produce anyhow and besides Apple has a mark up of 50% http://www.computerworlduk.com/technology/hardware/laptops/news/index.cfm?new…

2 Old media – think Vogue, Wallpaper etc as well as The Times/Guardian need to agree a digital format that does justice to their beautifully designed publications.

In other words – Big publishing houses aren’t making enough ad money from the web, while at the same time sales of periodicals, which do attract big ad spends, are declining. If those publishers can get their periodical content to look and feel like their paper versions on electronics devices they might be able to continue to attract the big ad spend of the paper editions rather than the limited ad revenue of the web versions. To do this they need to get the best device for reading their content to as many people as quickly as possible. Hearst Publishing is already thinking along these lines with its Skiff ereader. However ultimately it might make sense for all publishers to back one platform – i.e. the iPad.

3 One way to get reach is to offer the device for free – eg Subscribe to Vogue and you get 12 months of the paper edition plus the digital one and a free iPad to view it on. Alternatively big publishing houses could offer a free iPad with subs to say , 3 or 4 of their titles. So you pay £10 a month for a load of mags plus digital versions and a free iPad.

Then one day you don’t get the paper versions just the digital ones, you are still a subscriber and you still have a free iPad.

Newspapers could do it too. For an extra £15 a month on your Sky bill (or mobile phone one for that matter) you get the daily newspaper in a digital form and a free iPad to read it on.

It is all about the maths (not my strongest subject) but if old media has any nous it will be offering the hardware that makes the most of its digital ad-friendly content for free

Just a thought


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