Thierry Henry rage on Twitter – can we get over this now?


Not surprisingly Thierry Henry rage has been all over Twitter and Wikipedia to the point that The Guardian has even written a story about it

I find it quite sad. The whole Wikipedia hijack is just astonishing. Here is the arguably the best striker of his generation – a man whose goals have brought huge amounts of pleasure not just to Arsenal/Barca and France fans but to football purists everywhere – whose entire career is being reduced to a role as a poster boy for football cheats.

I find myself in the very strange position of agreeing with Robbie Keane about this one.…

Had Ireland played Greece or Bosnia they might have got through. But the seeding insisted on by FIFA screwed this up.

The Irish didn’t go through because they weren’t great in their group games, their dodgy defending in Dublin and the fact that they didn’t take their chances.

One of the reasons we love football so much is that it is like real life and just like real life there’s a lot of injustice.

As for Henry most Irish players (and English ones for that matter) would have done that. It doesn’t make it right, but it is understandable. He is still one of the very best players of the last decade.

Henry is no more of a cheat than most of his fellow footballers.

see these stats…

The difference is that he chose to do it in such a high profile game.

I feel desperately sorry for the Irish (I keep thinking Maradonna, Koeman, Ronaldo against the English too) but can we move on now please? We forgave that trio didn’t we? Maybe we can also find it in our heart to forgive Thierry?


One thought on “Thierry Henry rage on Twitter – can we get over this now?

  1. Since when the English forgiven Maradona for cheating in 86?!The Irish will similarly never forgive Henry.France’s 2010 World Cup campaign is now stained. And if France meet England in the later stages of the competition & a similar cheating episode wins France the game, I look forward to you instantly forgiving the offending French player.(though offending French player isn’t ex-Arsenal, I doubt you will!)

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