Should bikinis in public swimming pools should be banned?


‘French fashion historian Olivier Saillard got it spot on when he said: “The emancipation of swimwear has always been linked to the emancipation of women.”

So says Andrea on Shiny Style

But she also says

However, just because a leisure centre deems it acceptable it doesn’t make it right. In my eyes there’s a time and place for everything (take note Jordan) and wearing a bikini in a public swimming pool is as wrong as Cheryl Cole’s David Koma dress, or a pair of winter crocs complete with socks . With perfectly acceptable sensible swimwear out there no one needs to bare all at the local pool.

As a serious swimmer (coughs) I think she has a point. Not sure she is going to get her way though.


2 thoughts on “Should bikinis in public swimming pools should be banned?

  1. "As a serious swimmer (coughs)..". sounds like you’ve been taking in too much chlorine…You still wearing your polka-dot bikini top & G-string combo down at the lido, Ashley?

  2. Duncan, as a fellow bikini wearer, young Ashley oft looks resplendant in his yellow and blue combo – in keeping with his love for Leeds United he tells me

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