Join the campaign – Partick Thistle for the Premiership


So Celtic and Rangers want to join the Premiership and apparently a few fools Like Harry redknapp think this is a good idea.

Spare us!

1 I could live without the baggage that comes with both teams. Irish Republican flags/Monarch loving songs at the Emirates – no ta

2 Also the Prem doesn’t need them. That’s the Premiership as in the most exciting and competitive football league in the world

3 I’d love to know too what the SNP makes of this. It would be a joke to have an independent Scotland with its two biggest clubs playing in England.


What I would agree to would be a Glasgow team in the Prem. So maybe if Celtic and Rangers merged to become Glasgow United that would work. Just think no more silly religious and nationalistic bollocks in football – that would be great. Catholics and Monarchists arm in arm together

If not then maybe Partick isn’t such a bad shout after all. They’d definitely be my second team

Go here to vote no (apart fromn the mighty Thistle!)…


4 thoughts on “Join the campaign – Partick Thistle for the Premiership

  1. You have a second team already, Ashley. They are called Arsenal FC. Your first love is Leeds FC. You know it, we havent forgotten it.

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