UK fashion blogging is in great shape


A couple of days ago I spent a great deal of time looking at UK fashion blogs. This was mainly to help the editor of Shiny Style, Andrea Petrou, produce a list of UK fashion bloggers on Twitter. You can check that list out here

While doing the research I was struck by how vibrant the UK fashion blog scene is. There are lots of very professional looking sites that have great content that are constantly updated. Along with the equally vibrant mummy blogging sectors… the fashion bloggers put two metaphorical fingers up to the notion that blogging in the UK is on the wane.

It is also interesting to note that most of the successful bloggers have hooked up with one of the major blog networks. So in fashion the key players are Handpicked Media (which has a huge selection of titles including the excellent Queens of Vintage), Aigua Media (which has several ex Shiny titles like Catwalk Queen and Shiny Media itself which boasts Shiny Style and Brandish (disclaimer – I work for Shiny Media)

The exception is Style Bubble – – which has been around for several years and has a huge following. It is very interesting in that the editor Susi, has never made monetising her blog a priority and arguably because of this has never really included standard features to bump up traffic/attract more revenue – like galleries. The writer’s independence, insight and intelligence and the blog’s focus on street rather than high street fashion make it unique among the A list of UK fashion sites.

There are however also some innovative sites like The Nod – a really interesting take on celebrity fashion and Empora Style Spy blog and Pop Sugar UK both of which, IMO, are consistently excellent.


One thought on “UK fashion blogging is in great shape

  1. Fashion-wise, I like to wear a Slazenger cricket shirt, full-length whites & cricket pullover… I look like a proper t0sser

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