Conclusive proof that social media works – Facebook 1-0 Starbucks


Well sort of. Last year, along with some mates, I started a Facebook campaign

to get Starbucks to reinstate its Egg Nog Latte which it had foolishly left off its Christmas menu. It was a small group, 150 members, but many of us emailed and lobbied Starbucks and harassed local store managers.

And this year… The ENL is back. Obviously there are probaly hundreds of reasons for Starbucks changing their minds, but I’d like to think we played a small part. Already getting a huge sugar rush from my first drink!


8 thoughts on “Conclusive proof that social media works – Facebook 1-0 Starbucks

  1. Nice work AshleyNow see if you can get Woolworths reinstated onto the UK High Street… I need to buy Nanna some ‘pick n mix’ for Xmas

  2. EggNog is what us Pensioners like to drink – it’s virtually a meal-in-a-mug.What impoverished Columbian coffee bean picker doesn’t feel proud to know he was such a big part of our day?

  3. Hey Tarby – Ho Ho – do you are Brucie share an Egg Nog on the golf course.. maybe a Mellow Birdies….. (you can use that Jim!!)

  4. I always order a triple 2 shots on bottom, 1 shot on top, grande, no vanilla, 2 pump caramel, 2 pump toffee nut, whole milk, no foam, 180 degree, with whip and extra caramel, caramel macchiato…… decaff, of course

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