Tories European policy gets unveiled tomorrow


Now this is going to make things really interesting. Are they really going to offer a vote on the Lisbon Treaty? Going to be a fun day.


3 thoughts on “Tories European policy gets unveiled tomorrow

  1. During prime minister’s questions, the Tory leader was repeatedly taunted by Labour MPs over comments he made in 2007 promising a "cast-iron" commitment to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Former Home Secretary David Blunkett said that Mr Cameron’s commitment had now "turned to plywood". ==Is that Blunkett’s new guide-dog that Cameroon is holding?!

  2. Mr Cameron has recognised that the treaty now cannot be stoped and thus a referendum would be worthless and waste a funds. Better for Dave to get the best out of Europe for the UK. Electorally he is being seen as someone who at least has the guts to change his mind and react to what happens rather than be herded into doing everything he has stated he will do by some 2 bit party who are clearly clinging in power by their fingernails…..

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