What the Twitter Bing/Google deal means for brands


I have just blogged about this on the Shiny Red website http://www.shinyred.co.uk/1762/what-the-twitter-binggoogle-deals-mean-for-bra…

I think it could have a profound impact on the way brands track and engage with consumers on Twitter.

1 The Bing and Google sites will be a hugely useful tool for brands who want to track online discussions of their launches and events. Marketeers can of course track tweets using searches on the Twitter home page. There are also other Twitter search and evaluation tools like Monitter which are available. What the Bing and Google deals do is to make it easy and simple for people working for brands to search using sites and technology they are comfortable with. So for example if a brand has a launch event it can watch in real time how its product is being tweeted about via Twitter but also keep an eye on what influential Twitter users are staying via Bing and Google.

2 It will lead to a renewed interest in brands engaging with Twitter. Put simply brands really can’t afford not to get involved with micro blogging now. Or else they could find that the main source of information on their brand is a person with many followers who has a negative view of the brand. I do think we will continue to see the rise of Twitter experts, kind of like SEO gurus, who offer brands instant ways of creating large Twitter empires. If Bing rates tweets on the popularity of the tweeters rather than the calibre of their followers (they could all be spam Twitter accounts for example) then this could be an option less savvy brands could follow. Far better though for brands to have some serious engagement with their audience via Twitter by using the micro blogging format to track what users are saying and then to engage too.

3 It will change how mainstream media companies approach Twitter. It will be imperative for companies to maintain huge Twitter audiences to ensure that they get as much traffic as possible via links from the new search engine sites. The Twitter sites could emerge as a serious rival to Google News as media companies vie to be at top of the Twitter search tree and get the their news out to the world fastest.

Of course Google may take a completely different approach to ranking tweets and tweeters which again could have a very interesting influence.

The next few months are going to be fascinating.


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