Set The Controls For Scott Land & The Walkers


Doing this Pop Junkie lark normally goes hand in hand with listening to music. Sure, I can ramble on about Bowie, Marvin gaye, Blur and Jarvis in my sleep, but it is usual for me to take a listen whilst doing so, just to set the mood or remind myself of a half-forgotten minor-gem album filler.

When it comes to reviewing albums it is, of course, imperative to listen to the thing. Yes, I could net surf and get a consensus, but do you think I trust someone else’s ears? Anyway, I’m putting my name to it. I have my integrity to think of!

I have a few albums lined up to review and there’s a good chance I’m going to like them (Mayer Hawthorne’s for instance), but alas, I cannot review them at present. The reason being that I have gone into Scott mode.

This current bout was triggered by my reading Anthony Reynolds’ (he of Pop Junkie favourites Jack) splendid account of Scott & The Brothers published by Jawbone Press, which I have reviewed for the forthcoming issue of Shindig.

This is no new affliction, I’ve been an Engelist since 1985 and it’s not my only such condition. I have The Kinks too. Periods where I can listen to nothing else. There is no way of telling how long this will last. Days, weeks… all I know is that at the moment I am incapable of listening to anything but Scott Walker and The Walker Brothers. The condition will alleviate when it thinks fit. I have little control over it. Until then, you’ll have to bear with me.

Next, next…


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