Online video – it is broken

Media_httppaidcontentorgimageseditorialfsmallclaireenderssjpg_aacfhiceaauqfjc… so says well known doom merchant Claire Enders (above) in some research that Paid Content has picked up on. She has a point. A couple of years ago online video was seen as the big new moneyspinner for existing broadcasters, indie networks and video bloggers. Shiny Media actually did pretty well from video with around a third of its £1.5 million turnover in 2007-2008 coming from video sources. However as brands saw less value in video the sponsorship deals dried up (the huge money brands splashed out on things like Kate Modern didn’t help). Coupled with the downturn it made it very difficult for any content publisher to make significant money out of their video. I’d really love to know how the big US networks like Revision 3 and Next New Networks are faring.

This is all a terrible shame. Yet somehow I feel oddly optimistic that somewhere along the line things will get fixed. Maybe it will be through brands realising that online video is perhaps the most powerful way of connecting with an audience. Or perhaps online video content appearing on TV electronic programme guides might kick start video again?

Anyhow check out Patrick’s article. For anyone involved in new media in the UK it is a a thoroughly depressing read.


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