Keep A Little Marc in Your Heart ~ Especially Today


It’s that day again ~ one of the saddest anniversary’s in the pop calendar. September 16th is the day we remember Marc Bolan and what he did for us. Today is the 32nd anniversary of his death, just two weeks short of his 30th birthday and coming exactly a month after we lost Elvis.

Marc aka The Electric Warrior, The Jeepster, The Groover, Zinc Alloy and T. Rex (he was T. Rex) was the pop star by which all others are judged. Beautiful, talented, (though not the most talented – the thing was he stretched what he had to the absolute limit), a natural showman, a pin-up and a peacock with a monstrous ego and an unquenchable lust for fame. In other words, the perfect pop star.

My pal Kevin Pearce has posted his own tribute this morning on his wonderful The London Nobody Sings site (an extraordianry collection of songs about London – well worth making a cuppa and spending an hour’s browse).

Anyway, you know all about Marc, it’s all been said already a thousand times. I’ll write another day about his wonderful way with lyrics. Suffice to say he’s one of my favourites. Whatever your own faves are today is the day to play them and to spare a little thought for Marc, Gloria and Rolan.

Of course, you could just get some beers in, stick on the Greatest Hits, whack it up loud and BOOGIE.

I love Get it On and I love this clip. Everything about it is magical. The lucky TOTP audience know they’re in the presence of a god, everyone is having a ball, even the two technicians at the side of the stage. Note Marc’s mate Elton at the keys. I love hearing the clunk of his piano stool being kicked away. In the words of Alan Partridge, this is HOT PANTS.

An early electric T. Rex play the magnificent Jewel. I think this is from Musikladen, the great German TV show.

Always loved this, the opening track to the Zinc Alloy & The Hidden Riders of Tomorrowalbum.

And of course, this one.


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