Britain’s most stupid man


Saying you don’t like The Beatles is like saying you don’t like breathing. I think the term moron is too polite.

So which morons hate the Fab Four?

Robert Elms says he hates The Beatles – but then he was partially responsible for Spandau Ballet and def had a role in foisting Sade on the world – so he clearly has great musical taste.

Mark Kermode has made dubious comments about The Beatles too – which is sad because it makes me very suspicious of anything he says about popular culture

It is probably about posturing

Daily Telegraph music critic Neil McCormick, who calls The Beatles’ work “the most extraordinary musical journey in pop history”, is among those fans sceptical of an opposing view.

“It is a position people adopt because of the universal high regard for them,” he says.

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2 thoughts on “Britain’s most stupid man

  1. I bow to no-one in my admiration for the Beatles but like Robert Elms and some others I do find the default ‘you will like them or you have no taste’ an odd thing. In no other field – food, drink, architecture, exercise – do we get this assumption that you *must* like something or you’re plain wrong. For someone to start with ‘Love me Do’ and be recording ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ is an incredible progression within four years no matter whether you like or dislike the music; I love it but it’s plain strange that we’re all assumed to like it or we’re not properly British or something.

  2. Ditto for Yanks. Don’t spread this around, but I never was a big fan of Elvis. (The reverse of the Fab Four, I liked his early work and deplored the latter.)

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