Never Mind the Olympics ~ London Hosts the World’s Greatest Pop Quiz


Or rather that should read London hosted

It was at 10am this morning. Yeah, I didn’t know about it either until about an hour after it had finished. The brainchild of Paul Guided Missile, resident quizmaster for Rough Trade’s Monday night quiz at the Lexington, Pentonville Road (yes, I have mentioned this before), he took the quiz outside of its cosy home and brought it to the world or at least the top of the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

You may know Paul better from his day job as the bassist in the fantastic Glam Chops, the UK’s premier glam revival outfit.

If you follow this link to the Fourth Plinth site you can experience the quiz as if ye were there, although alas you will not be able to win any of the prizes.

I don’t want to spoil any of the fun, but here’s a sneak preview: “Question 4 is a general knowledge question and it is this; Who is better the Beatles or the Rolling Stones? That’s general knowledge, if you know the answer, simply put Beatles or Rolling Stones.”

“Who’s drummer died and was replaced by Kenney Jones – That’s not a question, just a bit of trivia.”

“Blockbusters – Which N is the year that Abba won the Eurovision Song Contest?”

Sheer genius.


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