Like Pop, Psych, Folk, Powerpop or Prog? Get Yourself the New Shindig with Cover-Mount CD


My good chums at Shindig! have had a little wash and brush up, emerging with a new look and a cover-mount CD that’s a bloody marvel.

The CD features a diverse selection of contemporary sounds, but hangs together perfectly. Yes, contemporary, this is the Sound of 2009! Sure, you’ve got a lot of young folk who’ve listened to The Byrds, Syd, The Hollies, Pentangle and Badfinger and watched The Wicker Man countless times, but all have crafted something entirely fresh from these timeless influences.

It not only features Pop Junkie faves The Soundcarriers, The Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder, The Junipers, Circulus and Jim Jones Revue but introduces my ears to the delights of The Beep Seals, Antique Doll, The See See, The Hidden Masters, Duncan Maitland, Dollboy & Anne Garner, The Higher State and The Magnificent Brotherhood.

I had the immense good fortune and pleasure to witness Dorset’s finest, aka Gothic Chicken, play live back in May. They’re here, but rather than an ace take from their never-ending catalogue of 60s pop gems (they also did an astonishingly wonderful rendition of Focus’ Sylvia) they present a dazzling original Pitta Bread Man. Dig the wildest drum rolls heard since Mr Moon checked into the Pearly Gates Motel.

I see where Blood Ceremony’s early Sabbath-esque brand of heavy rock is coming from, though it is not really my bag. Only Diagonal’s Cannon Misfire is a miss for me. A bit too far along the prog/free jazz scale for my taste.

I can’t overstate just how good this compilation is. They’ve set the bar way too high for a Volume 2 (or have they?). I strongly suggest you check it out. It’ll set you back all of £4.25 (or take up a subscription – 6 issues a year). It’s the one with Jools Driscoll on the cover with in-depth features on Wimple Winch (surely you know the awesome Save My Soul?), Circulus, ? & The Mysterians, Kim Fowley and Driscoll & Auger’s Trinity.


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