How Cool is This? ~ Saint Etienne Subbuteo Figure


A pal and I, a few months ago, were trying to think of innovative and imaginative articles of band merchandise. Wouldn’t it be fun if, for instance, bands produced those leather bookmarks that you used to be able to get at stately homes and Mediaeval castles? Perhaps you still can?

We also came up with band scout badges, snake belts, welcome mats, piggy banks, pewter tankards, dart flights, playing cards, snooker cube chalk, sugar sachets and soap-on-a-rope. It whiled away fifteen minutes whilst waiting for a meal.

Well, the ears of our chums Bob, Pete and Sarah must have been burning, for they have topped us doubly, by not only coming up with a better idea but by going ahead and doing it. Thus, the deluxe edition of Fox Base Alpha comes with its own Saint Etienne Subbuteo figure. Not only that, you get a nice poster and a nicer set of four badges plus a bonus disc (in addition to the original album) of rarities including five unreleased tracks (though not, alas, their cover of The Fall’s Choc Stock).


Subbuteo, in case ye didn’t know, was what boys used to do before there were Game Boys, PS3s or X-Boxes or whatever they’re called and is as Saint Etienne as a formica’d London caff, a Rita Tushingham movie or the shipping forecast. It fits snuggly in their world.

It’ll set you back £40 plus p&p from here. It’s a worldwide limited edition and there are only a few left (apparently).

Next up for the trio is the August 31st reissue of 1993s So Tough and 2000s Sound of Water plus two more Fox base Alpha dates have been added on October 15th and 16th at Manchester Ritz and London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire.


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