So, What is The Best David Bowie Song?


Oh, what a can of worms has been opened here. A pal of mine threw out the following innocent query on Monday morning on Facebook; What’s Your Favourite David Bowie Song? A simple enough question, not too taxing for a Monday morning…

But it’s not as easy as that is it?

Drive in Saturday, Space Oddity, Changes, Life on Mars, Wild is the Wind,  Starman, Suffragette City, Diamond Dogs, Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide, Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud have all been suggested.

As have a few from his golden age, which, as every Pop Junkie reader knows, was between 1966 and 1968; She’s Got Medals, In the Heat of the Morning, London Boys, Uncle Arthur, Maids of Bond Street, Can’t Help Thinking About Me, Love You Till Tueday (two versions) not to mention The Laughing Gnome.

I threw Panic in Detroit, TVC 15, Heroes and Lady Grinning Soul into the mix.

No-one’s yet mentioned Ashes to Ashes, Young Americans, Golden Years, Station to Station, Aladdin Sane, Be My Wife, 1984, Queen Bitch, Cracked Actor or Rebel Rebel.

I had the biggest argument I’d ever had with my brother four weeks ago. You see, I said that Heroes was a better song than Ziggy Stardust. He thought I was nuts. How can you say that, he wanted to know? Whaddaya mean? I said, Heroes is a colossal work of art. Ziggy Stardust is merely a pretty good pop song.

What? He was genuinely puzzled, just as I was. How could two people have such differing opinions? He ended up stomping off fuming, You can’t reason with him (meaning me).

Yet, of course, we weren’t so different. We weren’t comparing Queen with the Rolling Stones, UB40 with The Specials or Shakin Stevens with Elvis.

We were comparing Bowie with Bowie.

And it’s all good.

It’s all great.

Or at least it used to be.

Not that we’re ungrateful that these songs are all thirty-plus years old…

David, you were a bloody genius. You still are. Thanks.

(p.s. This is the best Bowie song – at least today it is. Tomorrow it could be any of the aforementioned – except for Ziggy Stardust!)

On the other hand, it might be this;


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