Join The Bandwagon ~ We’re Going to Get Chicory Tip Back into The Hit Parade


Here’s a question for you ~ What is the greatest pop song of the 1970s? Think hard…

Okay, apart from Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep, what is the greatest pop song of the 1970s?

Yes, okay, forget the three dozen Bowie songs mentioned in the other post I’ve put up today, what is the greatest pop song of the 1970s?

Dancing Queen? Don’t go Breaking my Heart? See my Baby Jive? Tiger Feet? Metal Guru? In the Summertime? Heart of Glass?

Good guesses, very good guesses, but wrong. How about Son of my Father by Chicory Tip? A moog-driven pop masterpiece from January 1972, when a long-haired Charlie George was in his pomp. The Tip are still together, still with the same original members, which is surely some sort of record and must rate as the second greatest Glam Rock band (after Glam Chops) currently working.

And guess what? Son of my Father is going back into the charts! Pop Junkie is throwing its considerable weight behind a campaign started by the drummer’s daughter to get Chicory Tip back where they belong. At number one in the Hit parade (as it used to be called). If you belong to Facebook you can join here.

My friend Raechel has even gone into production with a range of Chicory Tip biscuits. I hope this link works so you can witness the crunchtastic delicacies.

Exactly how this pop miracle happens I am not too sure. I think we need to get several thousand committed to the cause and then we all cough up 79p to download the song in the same week. Anyway, join up, you won’t support a better cause all year.


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