Anorak and Pies on course for a million unique readers in July

I have done my first interview about the revamp of the UK’s best football site here

I also make the quick point that I don’t think Pies is really a blog any more.

“If we are a blog, then the Guardian newspaper online is a blog. It’s more about independent new media now. A lot of what Pies and Anorak do is fairly similar to mainstream media is doing, but with a bit more edge. The world seems to have changed,”

I am immensely proud of how Pies looks now and it seems we have struck a chord with readers too as page impressions have rocketed in the last week.

Last month Pies did around 320k uniques.This month it is on course to crash through 450k. With on target for 600k we look set to break though the million readers barrier as a network.They were both doing around 200k in January so that is astonishing growth.

Roll on the start of the footy season…


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