Our survey says – Twitter users more interested in sex and coffee than Facebook devotees


There’s a great feature on Ad Age http://adage.com/digital/article?article_id=137792 about what your favourite social network says about you. It features the results of a survey by Anderson Analytics and is designed to help brands identify users’ surfing habits and interests.

Lots of the stuff we know – people spend a lot of time on their chosen site, nearly 10% stay logged in all day long etc, but there’s some other really interesting stuff, mainly about brands.

“When asked if seeing a brand on a social network makes them feel positive or negative about that brand, an almost-equal 17% said positive and 19% said negative. The other 64% were neutral or didn’t care. When asked if they would like more communications from brands, 45% were neutral, while 20% said yes and 35% said no.”

Which kind of fits what I thought in that the vast majority of SN users don’t care too much about brands on SNs. They will interact with them though if the concept and the application grabs their attention.

The stuff about Twitter users is priceless. Apparently if you use Twitter you drink loads of coffee, are entrepreneurial (no surprise there as the vast majority of early Twitter users were from the start up community) and are interested in news and new things. Best of all you are more likely to interested in sex than the average Facebook user – aah so that’s what all those Tweet-Ups are about.

Anyway check it out – it’s an interesting read.


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